What we do

We work with a variety of clients to showcase electric vehicles and infrastructure solutions to business stakeholders, local government and the public. We can deliver this using pop-up business and/or public awareness events, engagement workshops and ride and drives depending on client requirements.

Our latest event

Please click on the image to view a video of our event in Cumbria.

What we offer

  • Bespoke events focusing on EV technology and awareness
  • Complete event solution sourcing location, speakers and exhibitors.
  • Full health and safety review to include risk assessments, first aid and security.
  • Ride and Drive in latest electric cars and vans including driving license verification and route planning.
  • Full public and professional liability insurance.
  • Post event survey feedback collation and KPI measurement.

What do our events deliver?

We can design an event or workshop to meet specific requirements:

  • EV and infrastructure awareness
  • Driver education
  • Policy formation and promotion e.g. EV charging, clean air, sustainability
  • Awareness of latest renewable energy solutions
  • Specific stakeholder feedback e.g. business users, fleet operators, tourism, transport operators
  • Energy efficiency advice
  • Lead generation for exhibitors
  • Business networking